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This is my RuneQuest and Glorantha Web page. I apologize for the unorganized state of this page, but I have only just begun to set up my own pages. There might still be open or wrong links, if so, please complain or comment so I can do something about it. Things announced but not linked to are available either via e-Mail or via setup on my page. Let me know if you want to see the stuff.


About Glorantha

German RuneQuest Society

Private Glorantha Projects

Legal Disclaimer:
Glorantha is a trademark of Chaosium, Inc. Gloranthan material is copyright 1997 [or the year of publication] by [the individual author] and by Greg Stafford. Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford, and is used with his permission.
In this case, the Gloranthan material provided here is copyright 1997 (or otherwise indicated) by Jörg Baumgartner and Greg Stafford, plus additional authors where indicated.

Glorantha is a fantasy world created by Greg Stafford. It was first published as background for the boardgames White Bear & Red Moon (later Dragon Pass) and Nomad Gods, and for the fantasy roleplaying game RuneQuest. This setting is special among other game settings for its rich mythological background and the enthusiasm of its fans, and has spawned some literary efforts as well.

German RuneQuest Society

As one of the current chairmen I feel obliged to point at the activities of this organisation. Check out our official homepage for more information, but let's suffice to say here that we are an organisation devoted to further the game of RuneQuest and related games as well as the world of Glorantha.

Our Activities:

We will try to help contact other RQ players (mainly in Germany, but also elsewhere if we have contacts). Anybody who wants to be contacted by other RuneQuesters or Gloranthaphiles is encouraged to send me a message with his or her address, e-mail, and phone, and possibly special areas of interest. I will try to put these data into a data-base and contact these people via email as soon as anybody sends me an e-mail looking for contacts in the same region (I'd appreciate if people looking for contacts agree to be included in the data-base, but that's not obligatory. None of these data will be given away for commercial use). If there is a demand for such a thing, I might try to set up a black board for contacts.

German RQ-Cons

These are held annually at Pentecost, at varying locations. Next year's convention is planned to be held at Burg Stahleck in Bacharach on the Rhine (again, like this year). We hope to be able to offer another medium-sized Glorantha freeform game, Life Action Trollball (check out Lewis Jardine's photos of the '96 event), game rounds in German and English, Dragon Pass and/or Nomad Gods boardgames, panels, etc. A detailed announcement will be launched in time.


Free INT is the German language magazine of the RQ Society. Tradetalk is our English language magazine which has translations of some of our original stuff from Free INT plus a few previously unpublished articles. Apart from publishing these, we also distribute a couple of other English language RQ- or Glorantha magazines in Germany and parts of Europe.

Private Glorantha Projects

As readers of the Glorantha Digest might know, I am interested in the region of the Holy Country, and especially Heortland. I have done some work on this region which I plan to present here.

The Aeolian Church of Heortland

This is a cult write-up for a religion native to coastal Heortland in my Glorantha which combines Malkionism and traditional Orlanth pantheon worship. These ideas have caused a lot of controversial discussion on the old RuneQuest Daily, and some of the input has helped me develop these ideas further. So far available are: Note that David Hall has written up a somewhat different version of this church for his How the West Was One freeform. That write-up was intended to provide extra embarrassment at the Seventh Ecclesiastical Council of Malkionism, which it managed to do admirably when I participated as a (non-Aeolian) player, but which I felt wasn't different enough from ordinary Orlanthi believes to be established as a church of its own in Heortland. I am working to reconcile David's version and mine, though.

Freca Tales

Freca Tales is a fiction project about a character from the city of Karse, in Heortland. I have begun to write a story about this character a few chapters of which I have also posted to the Glorantha Digest. So far available are:

Campaign stuff

In 1994 I started a RQ4-AiG playtest campaign set in Aeolian Heortland. While this campaign has gone largely into hibernation, it has experienced a couple of productive sessions, and also a close exchange of ideas and background info with Jeff Richard in Seattle, of the Tamers of Dragon Pass campaign fame featuring the Varmandi clan around 1350. Jeff and I came up with several ideas about northern Heortland we'd like to share: Other stuff:

I have written a couple of more or less controversial essays or theses on Glorantha I want to make available here. Feel free to comment or flame on these.

Other places to visit:

A complete list of the Glorantha-related files on this webpage, since updates might miss some links in this file.

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Sometimes I engage in long discussions with other people off the Glorantha digest (you were warned). Visit the webpages of some of my victims, like Jane Williams or Patrik Sandberg.

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For more on my pet projects, go to my English language home page, or if you are brave, check out my home page in German language.