Antro - The Anthropometric Program

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The Software ANTRO supports the analysis of 19 hand bones using measurement of an X-ray image. The measurement can be taken with a translucent digitizer or made 'by hand'. The program offers the following features:
With the paper HOSENFELD, D. HOSENFELD, F., SCHAEFER, E. GROTE, W.: IBM-PC compatible software for establishing metacarpophalangeal pattern profiles in Clinical Genetics 1991 the software was presented to the public for the first time. Because of the relative small amount of PCs (in hospitals) compared to mainframes similar software was only available for mainframe and larger machines.
The program ANTRO is free available, but not public domain. Because the software and its purpose is very specialized, it is probably relevant to only a few physicians and details of availability should be discussed per mail or phone. Each delivered version is registrated to watch the spreading and usefulness. A small financial amount (30 DM or 30 USD) for using the software regularly will be appreciated.
Here you can download the German manual. Its available in Postscript format and packed with gzip (360 KB). On demand other formats can be made available or mailed.
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friedel hosenfeld, lr: 26-OCT-1997